The Mumpreneur Behind Cadenshae

The Mumpreneur Behind Cadenshae

Cadenshae Nursing Sports Bras

We are super excited to now be stocking some of Cadenshae's amazing nursing sports bras at! As an active breastfeeding mother myself this is one product that I have been searching for since I had my first son, 2.5 years ago. Yes, I am one of those typical mothers that loves to wear my activewear even if I am not actually exercising and it just doesn't look as good with a regular nursing bra. A few weeks ago I met my husband and two sons at a cafe straight after yoga and I had to go to the toilet to take my sports crop off and go bra-less to be able to feed my little boy who was hungry. Now because of Cadenshae, I don't have to do that again! YAY! They are also super supportive! I used to need to wear two sports bras when going running with my new milk boobs but now I just wear this one. I have the Fit2Feed but the Ultimate Bra is even MORE supportive made for high impact training! Amazing!

Cadenshae makes nursing or breastfeeding activewear. Their amazing sports bras or sports crops are trendy, super supportive and so practical as the cups unhook to breastfeed with ease!

Cadenshae is a New Zealand company started and still run by mother Nikki and her fiancee, Adam. They have two little daughters aged 2 and 1 and Nikki is currently 5 months pregnant! Mother of 2, pregnant and entrepreneur, running her own business - what a SUPERMUM! See below what this inspirational superwoman had to say about working with her brand.

When did Cadenshae start and how did it come about?

Both myself and Adam were personal trainers, and after the birth of Caden I couldn't find anything to wear that was breastfeeding and workout friendly. So I went on a mission to design and manufacture our own range. It took over 14 months from idea to launch meaning all our stock arrived the week our second daughter was born!!! It was a pretty full on time but its been an awesome process and we have learnt so much along the way. 
What is your inspiration behind Cadenshae?

I guess just wanting to be a happy mum. Being able to exercise is really important to me and breastfeeding was always a priority too, so creating something that enabled other mums to do the same has been at the forefront of my mind and my main inspiration. I have always loved helping people and i guess in a way this allows me to do so. 

What makes Cadenshae stand out from other clothes brands?

One of the main things that I LOVE about Cadenshae is that it is just like my favourite sportswear that I used to wear before I had kids. It's still funky, bright and comfortable but its functional as well. Just because I became a mum, I didn't want to lose my sense of who I was and i didn't understand why I couldn't just wear clothes that were the same as I used to but with breastfeeding access. 

What is the best part about working with Cadenshae?

Working with my partner on a day to day basis. We get to do this together. Neither of us had any experience in this sort of thing but we just had a vision in our mind and have worked our butts off together to achieve it.
Also, hearing about what a difference our clothes have made to so many mums is just the absolute best. Knowing that our clothes are giving mums the opportunity to get out there and be active with their little ones with no barriers just makes my heart smile. There are already so many obstacles when it comes to finding time to exercise as a mum and being able to eliminate the 'what to wear' as one of the excuses is just the best!!!

What is the most difficult part?

Hmmmmm. I struggle with trying to keep everyone happy. I remember being up at 1am in the morning answering emails and Facebook messages because I felt bad if i didn't answer peoples questions right there and then. I soon realised that that wasn't good for me. Being a grumpy tired mum wasn't going to get me far, which brings me to by far the hardest thing, which is being a fiancee, a mum to two young kids and trying to start a business at the same time. That is HANDS down the hardest thing!!!!

What challenges have you come across?

Learning about different fabrics, designing products from scratch and the whole production process. All these things were completely foreign to me so i had to learn it all along the way and believe me I have made many mistakes! 

Where would you like to see Cadenshae in 5 years time?
I would love to see Cadenshae readily available to mums all around the world. Maybe a few employees would be nice, just to take the load off a bit. LOL. I would like to keep developing our product range and creating new and exciting products for mums. Plus we have a few things up our sleeves that we cant tell you yet. ;)

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?
Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you decide to get yourself some Cadenshae gear, we truly hope you love them as much as we do. :)

Get your Cadenshae gear now.


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