Packing Your Hospital Bag Getting Ready for Birth

Packing Your Hospital Bag Getting Ready for Birth

The beautiful mum of one Alice in Healthyland is now over 30 weeks pregnant with her second child and she has now packed her hospital bag! She shares with us what she packs in her chosen baby bag - the Storksak Noa Leather Tan baby bag. Read her post below.

Packing my hospital bag for my first pregnancy was very exciting. I Pinterested all these hospital bag lists and I was so excited with what I packed into my suitcase, ready for my babies arrival. When the time came, my husband grabbed the bags and brought them to hospital with us. I thought I was so organised, but boy was I wrong. I had really over packed! I had so much stuff that I actually couldn’t find what I needed, when I needed it. I had to much of the stuff I didn’t need and not enough of what I actually really needed. I was so overwhelmed. So I made a promise to myself that next time I would pack a little lighter and bring more of the essentials rather than all the extras.

I have put together a list of what I need and wished I had put in the first time, for both my hospital bag and my babies nappy bag.


Hospital bag essentials for labour and post birth.

For Mumma

  1. Lip balm as your lips get so dry in the air conditioning and if you decide to have pain meds, dry lips and mouth is an adverse effect of the drugs. I love the Brauer Paw Paw Ointment. Its all natural and organic.
  2. Essential Oil Labour Blend and a Calming face mist. I will be using this in my birth, this is totally up to you but I loved the idea of using these natural products to assist my labour naturally. Even if its just a mind over matter strategy to assist labour. The face spray is great for cooling the face and calming your senses. I have the Little Bairn Calming Labour Blend and the Little Bairn Calm Mama Face Mist packed in my hospital bag ready to go.
  3. Underwear that is oh so comfortable, I had a natural birth for my first but always be prepared in case you have a c-section or you may even be booked for an elective. As a nurse I always see post op mummas struggling with tight and uncomfortable underwear, it can rub on their wound too. Even for mummas with stitches down below comfy high waisted will be perfect. Also I would stick to cheapish ones if possible, you may be wearing a pad but they can still get soiled with blood and post op discharge. I just brought 3 for 10 high waisted ones from Best & less, all black and 2 in my size and 1 in a size up. Feeding Bras if you choose to breastfeed as its so much easier.
  4. Pads, Pads and more Pads! The hospital ones they supplied were so stiff and so uncomfortable on my stitches down bellow. I highly recommend the TOM Organic maternity range.  They were like a cloud ‘down there’ compared to the other brands. Plus they are made from 100% organic cotton, so they are hypoallergenic and breathable. I love their nursing pads to for breastfeeding leakage. So soft on the nipple. I recommend stocking up on these as you will certainly need them.Composite_range_Maternity-2000x670px
  5. Nipple Balm, yes there is such thing. Your nipples can become quite cracked when breastfeeding, with the newbie trying to latch. Also leakage can occur causing this too. I love Little Bairn, Organic Nipple Balm as it is specially developed to both protect and repair the skin during this time.
  6. A button down, comfortable (not to tight) nightie or pair of PJs‘ if you choose to breastfeed.  Even if you bottle feed, comfy pjs allll the way with loose elastic if you choose to wear bottoms. I also recommend a Dressing gown and some comfortable clothes to go home in.
  7. Slippers & Bed Socks, to keep to those tootsies warm. Hospitals are always so cold.
  8. Phone and Charger, so you can let your loved ones of your cute arrival. Plus its perfect to capture those first few moments with your new babe.
  9. Toiletries, Its just nice to have your own personal items. Hospitals do provide the basics, but using your own will make you feel a little more like yourself.
  10. Hair ties, hair in your face is no fun. 
  11. ID card and your pregnancy record.
 Little Bairn Calm Mama Face Mist 



For Baby


  1. Baby Bag – I have my Storksak Noa Baby Bag all ready to go. Available for purchase from Baby Luno. This baby bag has won so many awards. After trialling it with Cruz the past month I can see why. The bag comes with a separate matching handy Mini Organiser bag, featuring five pockets and a large zipped main internal compartment. It also comes with a machine washable change mat, that fold and fits neatly into the bag. This bag also has a discreet zip with a built-in side insulated bottle compartment which keeps bottle upright and warm or cool for up to four hours.  I love how you could also use this as a luxury handbag if you no longer want to use it as a nappy bag.  
    Aden + Anais Baby Swaddle Blanket and Storksak Noa Baby Bag, Both available from Baby Luno



  2. Newborn nappies and wipes, some hospitals provide you with a few to start off with, but then its up to you to supply the rest. I have a pack of Tooshies by TOM Oragnic Newborn Nappies and Wipes.
  3. Baby Clothes, I think you really only need 3-4 onesies as family can always bring you more up if you need. Great to have a few singlets, socks, beanies and mittens as it gets really cold. But honestly do not over do. Its so overwhelming going through the bag to find things.
  4. Muslin wraps or swaddle to wrap your little darling in. The hospital will provide you with some, but honestly I prefer to bring my own as the hospital ones have been washed hundreds of times and are so old and dated. I recommend just taking two of these only. I have a Aden + Anais Baby Swaddle Blanket to wrap my little babe in.
  5. Dummy if you choose to use one.
  6. A hooded baby towel and cloths again to make it a little more personal. i love photographing bubs first birth too. I have the Baby Bath Wrap – Jungle Jam hooded towel from Baby Luno.
  7. A carrier or pram to transport baby straight to the car safely.



Baby Growsuit – Wilson & Frenchy Tiny Leaf

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all got something out of it. I really enjoyed writing this blog piece for you all.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I also made a little wish list of what we would need for our second baby. Baby Luno allow you to make a gift registry list exclusively for yourself or a friend. Here is mine…



A huge thank you to Tahlia for styling and photographing this photoshoot for me. If you would love to work with Tahlia please contact her via her Instagram @wyldefolkstudio_


Big love Alice xoxo


Packing my bag with the essentials
Preparing my little man, Cruz for the arrival of his brother or sister.



Baby clothes are so little ekkkk so cute.



My Cruzie 18 months


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