Sapling Making the World a Better Place

Sapling Making the World a Better Place

Peta Stinson

Sapling is one of our favourite baby clothes brands. They do not only make beautiful looking clothing but they are changing the industry by making their clothing in a completely sustainable and ethical way making their clothes from 100% organic cotton. They have a vision of making the industry and the world a better place. This was the main reason why we wanted to stock their gorgeous baby clothes at Baby Luno.

Sapling is an Australian company that have become famous for their adorable Heart Pants amongst other pieces. They have had the famous Jaime King design a collection for them and many celebrities love their clothes. They are destined for success. Charlie and Peta Stinson are the power-couple behind this beautiful brand and we are lucky enough to have had a chat with Peta...

Heart Pants

Who is behind Sapling?
We have a team of amazing people now. IT, designers, PR, marketers, warehouse staff etc…but Sapling was founded by my husband and me.
We are Australian, but have lived all over the world. We have 3 boys, aged from 5 – 12 and a very very lazy cat.

When did Sapling start?
The idea for Sapling started in 2012 when we were living in Fiji but it didn’t actually come to market until 2013.

What is your inspiration behind Sapling?
We really wanted to create a label that would challenge the traditional manufacturing and supply chain model.
We want to prove that there IS a way to produce great looking baby clothing in a truly sustainable way. What we do here at Sapling is not just lip service and it’s not just some ‘organic’ trend. We hope to change the manufacturing industry in a truly meaningful way by showing that production CAN be done in a responsible and ethical manner.

Tell us about your current product range - Flight.
Flight was inspired by paper planes and blue birds. We’ve introduced a few new styles, and we also have made an overhaul of our designs.

What makes Sapling stand out from other clothes brands?
We put the baby at the centre of our design process making sure that everything is as comfortable as possible! We have tried to address even the smallest of details to make sure we have no itchy inner seams, no itchy tags, and extra cuff lengths so parents can get a lot of life out of a size.

What is the best part about working with Sapling?
The flexibility. It means I can still do pick ups and drop offs at school and still have a lot of family time. It’s a lot of hard work and it’s often difficult to find time in the day, but at least that time is flexible for me.

What is the most difficult part?
Being unable to switch off. It can be a bit all-consuming running your own business.

What challenges have you come across?
Design infringement is probably the most frustrating challenge we have come across yet.

Where would you like to see Sapling in 5 years time?
With a much larger Giving Back program! We are expanding it at the moment, and we would like to be able to make an even bigger impact.


See Sapling's beautiful collection here and get your favourites. These pieces are flying off the shelves!

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