The Best Book for Newborn Development

The Best Book for Newborn Development

We have recently added a new product to baby luno's collection, the Newborn Development Baby Books, Let's go Outside & Let's Celebrate. These are absolutely fantastic baby books to help your newborn develop eyesight, concentration skills, brain development and much more! We had a chat with the creator of these amazing books, Bianca Ebeling, to find out more how great they are for your little baby.  

How did this book come about?

As part of a mother's group when I had my first baby I attended a library session and the librarian highlighted the importance of reading to babies and which books are most appropriate for their developmental stage. She also explained that up until the age of 6 months, a baby’s eyesight is rapidly developing. They can only see in high contrast. The librarian recommended getting some black and white books and placing them next to my baby as a stimulating activity for them in their early months. My little one simply hated tummy time and after the session with the librarian I placed a black and white book from the library in front of him and HEY PRESTO! It was as if a magic switch had been flicked. Our son was lasting so much longer on his tummy than ever before, and actually enjoying it. He was simply transfixed by these images. I quickly realised the book was a fantastic resource to have and I went to all my local baby stores and gift shops to purchase one but none of them stocked books for newborns or even knew about the benefits. This is how my book idea came about and 6 months on, I held in my hands my very own published black and white book titled “Let’s go outside”. 

Why is Black & White so important? What are some of the benefits?

  • A newborn’s eyesight is very poor. High contrast images captivate your baby, providing them with a stimulating activity.
  • High contrast images provide the baby with something simple and engaging to focus on, and in this focus or intense concentration they can allow their minds to rest.
  • High contrast images can assist a baby with tummy time by placing the book in front of them.
  • Black and white books can encourage babies with flat head syndrome to turn their heads to the other side.
  • Black and white images can soothe and relax a crying baby
  • A baby cannot see pastel colours properly for several months after birth. It is recommended to surround a baby with as much black and white as possible in the early months for visual stimulation and development.
  • Reading a black and white book to babies is a wonderful activity for parents to do with their little ones, strengthening their bond as well as introducing books to a baby at an early age.

What response have you received from developing this book?

The response over the last 2 years has been absolutely incredible. I am constantly getting messages from new parents who are using the books and how amazed they are at their babies' reactions to them. The books were selected to be a part of this amazing program in Bendigo, where in 2015 each newborn at Bendigo Hospital received one of my books as part of raising the literacy levels in the region. The Chief Speech Pathologist from Bendigo Hospital contacted me soon after launching their program and said “As a speech pathologist working in this area, your book provides all the elements I look for when recommending a starting point for parents with newborns. The black and white contrast stimulates baby’s visual focus and allows parents to share attention with their baby. The fact that there are no written words makes the book so much more accessible for parents and carers no matter what their own literacy levels. Anyone can ‘talk’ to the book. Shared attention and enjoyment with talking are the first steps to language and communication.” My biggest success with my books was last year when 'Let's go outside' was shortlisted for the 2016 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award. It was because of this success that I then published my second book earlier this year titled 'Let's celebrate'. 
Who is behind this book?

The concept for the books and page designs are mine, Bianca Ebeling, and I worked closely with a graphic designer from Poland who assisted me with getting the quality of the page designs to a printable level. 

Please tell us a bit about you, the author, and your background, job etc?

My husband and I moved from Melbourne to Geelong 4 years ago and we haven't looked back- living in a smaller community and close to the beach has been so great for us. We are living a much more relaxed lifestyle which we both absolutely love. I have worked in finance my whole working life and I have always wanted to do something creative. I dabbled in card making, hand making toys, sewing etc but nothing seemed to quite stick. It was only when I became a mum to my firstborn that this idea of publishing a book came about and I haven't looked back since. It has been extremely hard work but incredibly rewarding. Much like parenting. 😊 I have since, had another child who is now 1 and I started using the black and white book with her when she was less than 24hrs old and she became so incredibly alert the moment she saw the images. The midwives in the hospital were simply amazed at her reaction. 

What is the best part for you of having developed this book and started your business?

The best part for me with developing these books is the incredible feeling of achievement of having developed something all my myself from the initial page designs to holding an actual book in my hands. I have always worked for an employer so I really didn't have any experience running a business so the learning curve was extremely steep. Mistakes were made, but there were some huge successes as well. My business is growing each and every day and I am so proud that my books are helping so many parents in those early months with their new baby and also hopefully my books are creating lots of little book-loving babies which will benefit them for life. 

What is the plan for this book or My Little Booky Wooky in the next 5 years? Will you be developing more books? 

I have just published my second book 'Let's celebrate' so I am working hard at the moment to promote this book to the community. I have several ideas on additional developmental products for My Little Booky Wooky however at this point in time with 2 books and 2 children under the age of 3 I am not overly rich in time to get cracking with the next ideas. My goal for the next 5 years is to have a range of developmental products available on the market for different age groups
You can now pre-order your Newborn Development Book here!


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