To all the people...

To all the people who just stare, next time you see a child, or a person who is a little different - smile. I promise it will brighten their day and it will be returned.

To the man who tried to go down the up escalator, while looking at us with disgust, spend 5mins with him and you would be eating humble pie. His life is no more or less important than yours.

To the mum who tripped over her toddler while watching us with pity, please don't pity us. We have our fair share of worries and woes, just like all families, but the joy he brings us far outweighs any pain.

To the lady who was muttering under her breath about having to move slightly out of our way as we were walking down the footpath, I'm wish you would have said hello and watched his eyes light up as he made a new friend. It would have changed your day.


Our life is full of fun and laughter and love. His smile makes your problems melt away and the pure delight in his eyes when you talk to him is enough to make the hardest persons heart sing. In my opinion, the world is a better place for Christopher being here. It is to your detriment if you can't see that.

On a happier note, to the mum who beautifully answered your daughters questions about Christopher's feeding tube - thank you. The respect and kindness you expressed while chatting with your beautiful girl has restored my faith in humanity. She is going to grow into a gorgeous young lady because you are showing her how to do life with compassion and empathy.


We know that we are raising our children to be considerate, kind and caring members of society. They are confident and outgoing because they are safe and surrounded with love. Our family is perfect for us and no ones opinion, fear or negativity will ever change that fact - it will only strengthen our love for them.

Christopher has been featured in a new short film for the Focus On Ability festival, a beautiful celebration of the diversity in the world. If you would like to brighten your day, please head to this link and spend five quick minutes getting a look at the world you've just read about. 


This is a guest blog from Mumma Pam Rogers, mother-of-3 from Canberra, Australia. She is a part of the baby luno Mum Diaries team and will be blogging regularly as she continues on her motherhood journey and we can't wait to follow. 💛


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