Babyhood Safety Mesh Bouncer

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The traditional baby bouncer that has been used for generations, but now made new again. The Babyhood Safety Mesh Bouncer looks like the great bouncer of the past but now modernised with all the new technology and features you expect today.

It is made with a high quality cotton cover that can be removed to wash and replaced onto the frame for drying. It has a wide base to prevent tipping over and an adjustable 3-point safety strap to secure your baby, so no more pins!

A great spot to put baby down for a little while, while you get a few things done. Bub will love the breathable and comfy chair and soft bounce while looking around at you and their surroundings.

Unlike other bouncinettes, the unique design of the babyhood Safety Mesh Bouncer allows you to flat pack the product and take it along when travelling or for easy storage. It also has the right level of tilt on the frame to ensure safer use by your baby.

Available in grey or white. 


  • 3-point adjustable safety harness
  • Removable cover
  • Rubber legs to prevent sliding
  • Also available are replacement covers and deluxe padded covers
  • Complies to AS/NZS standards for bouncers
  • Bouncinettes are intended for babies from 3 months until babies are able to sit upright.

According to BabyCentre UK, you can put your newborn baby in the mesh bouncer for short periods, provided they have sufficient neck support and are secured firmly with the harness. A padded cover can be purchased to provide your newborn baby with additional support.  Your baby will probably enjoy the mesh bouncer most between 3 and 6 months.

Bouncers are not intended for use when your baby is able to sit upright or when they exceed 8kgs.

If you are looking for a bouncer/chair that suits for longer (up to 18kgs/3 years old) check out the Tommer Bouncer.

When assembling, follow the instructions provided and before every use ensure the frame is firmly locked in place.


Please note that this item is not available for sale outside of Australia. Please also allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of this item. Express shipping is not available. Sorry.