Love To Dream STAGE TWO Swaddle UP 50/50 TOG 1.0

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The multi-award winning Love To Dream swaddles are a must-have baby product to help your baby sleep better and more comfortably.

This Swaddle UP 50/50 is the second swaddle for your baby to start using when they are starting to roll over to start to transition them in to a sleeping bag. We call it Stage 2 in the Love To Dream series. Once they have transitioned, you can keep using this swaddle as a normal sleeping bag.

If your bub has not started to roll yet, have a look at the Original Swaddle Up.

The Swaddle UP™ 50/50 helps your baby to gradually adjust to sleeping un-swaddled.  Simply unzip one ‘wing’, wait a few nights for your baby to adjust to the sensation of sleeping with one arm released, & then remove the second wing. Your baby is now transitioned! A hot tip is to start with the day sleep and once bub is used to that, you can try it at night time.

Need more sleep? Swaddle UP!

  • 1.0 TOG rating for moderate temperatures (20-24 degrees). For a cooler room see the 2.5 TOG swaddle.
  • Easy zip-off wings
  • Converts to a snug sleep bag for longer-term use
  • Genius two-way zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Certified hip-healthy͛ design allows hips and legs to flex naturally
  • Easy care: Machine washable & tumble dryer friendly
  • Snug fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflex
  • Naturally temperature-regulating
  • Eliminates excess loose fabric in the cot
  • Simple to use swaddle in seconds with no learning curve and no breakouts


You should choose the correct size Swaddle UP 50/50™ based on their current weight, not their age or their length. 

In the Swaddle UP 50/50™ range we have two sizes available: Medium (suitable for 6-8.5 kg) & Large (suitable for 8.5-11 kgs). It is very important that you always purchase the correct size Swaddle UP™ for your baby, based on their current weight. If you use a Swaddle UP™ that is too big for your baby the neckline could be too loose, which can potentially be dangerous.

*** Please note that this product is not available for sale outside of Australia.

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