4 Tips On Problem Solving In The Newborn Days

Bringing your new baby home is a whole bunch of things! It’s exciting, it’s scary - it’s just really big! It can get a little overwhelming when you are getting to know this tiny human, what they are communicating to you, what they need and when they need it - it takes time, but in no time at all you’ll know what each cry means.

In the early days, I remember so clearly the feeling of exhaustion, of cluster feeding (on day 10 my baby fed almost constantly for 23 hours!), of feeling like you don’t know what to do next. Thankfully I had stumbled across some resources that really resonated with me when I was pregnant (total birth nerd here! I have never researched so much in my life - and nothing has changed second time around! Always learning!)

So very simply, I want to tell you this - trust yourself, you’ve got this.

This is the process I still follow with my 8 month old (This is assuming that there are no feeding issues that might need the attention of an IBCLC and baby is in good health)

  1. Is baby fed? Just offer them another breastfeed - you can not overfeed a baby! They’ll tell you if they don’t want any more.

  2. Is baby clean? Check their nappy - give them a freshie if needed.

  3. Is baby warm enough (or cool enough) - wrap them, unwrap them etc as needed.

  4. Skin-to-skin. Works every time! Undo your top, take baby down to nappy and just lay together - get those good oxytocin hormones flowing - this is great for mum or dad to do! Offering a breastfeed at the same time is great too. Take at least 10 conscious deep and slow belly breaths - this is good for how you feel and how you feel really impacts your baby


- Louise A.


Written by Mumma Louise Allen, mother to little Hazel and pregnant with bub number 2 from Ballarat, Australia. She is a part of the baby luno Mum Diaries team and will be blogging regularly as she continues on her motherhood journey and we can't wait to follow. See her previous blog on practicing Mindfulness in Motherhood.




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